The Hard Lines range of cards fit broadly in to 8 categories:

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SQHDL001      I will not kiss anymore frogs                                     SQHDL002         I will not date anymore assholes                           SQHDL003        I will not drink Santa's sherry this year
SQHDL004      I will not place mistletoe in my belt buckle           SQHDL005         I will not open my presents before Christmas     SQHDL006        I will stop borrowing money from my dad
SQHDL007      I will dress appropriately for my age                       SQHDL008        I will not forget your birthday next year               SQHDL009        I will act my age not my shoe size
SQHDL010      I will stop lying about my age                                   SQHDL011        I will call my mother more often                            SQHDL012        I will not use my genetics as an excuse
SQHDL013      Alcohol is not my best friend                                    SQHDL014        I am not allergic to salad                                         SQHDL015        I will not be boring now that I am old
SQHDL016      I will stop telling people that I'm 25                        SQHDL017        I will act my age this birthday                                 SQHDL018        Life begins at forty
SQHDL019      Age ain’t nothing but a number                               SQHDL020       I will remember this birthday tomorrow              SQHDL021       I am an adult now and will behave as one
SQHDL022      I will not eat Santa’s mince pies this year               SQHDL023       I will not shop for presents on Christmas Eve      SQHDL024       I will not insult my in-laws this Christmas
SQHDL025      I will call my father more often                                SQHDL026       I will stop relying on my mother for everything   SQHDL027       I will stop relying on my father for everything
SQHDL028      I will listen to what my mum says                            SQHDL029      I will listen to what my dad says                              SQHDL030       My mother is not my therapist
SQHDL031      My father is not my therapist                                   SQHDL032      I will stop borrowing money from my mother      SQHDL033        Work, work, work, work, work, I will start to...
SQHDL034      I will now go and get a real job                                SQHDL035      I will no longer dress like a student                         SQHDL036        I will no longer drink like a student
SQHDL037      I will stop being so damn sexy                                 SQHDL038      I will not text my ex tonight                                      SQHDL039       I will not date anyone young enough to be my child
SQHDL040      I will only provide a urine sample when asked     SQHDL041      I will not drink more than 5 shots                           SQHDL042       I will not obey the voices in my head
SQHDL043      I will not eat the entire cake                                    SQHDL044      I will never drink alcohol again

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